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Famous London Double decker bus
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New Double decker bus

Below is an article on London double decker bus. Double decker bus is a bus with two decks, hence the name double decker. It is most famous in London, Great Britain.

Double decker bus

When you think of a bus you probably think of a classic shaped long vehicle made for carrying passengers. But when people say bus in London they are most likely referring to double decker bus. This is basically a classic bus but with an additional deck. Double decker bus is perfect for sight seeing. The two decks were introduced because they wanted to increase the number of people that can board a bus and thus optimize bus routes and their passenger flow. Below you can see a classic double decker bus on the street.

Double decker bus on road

Double decker bus

Such buses can be found all over Europe too, but are most famous as London red buses.

Red bus

This double deckers are always colored red. Thus, they’ve become famous and a national symbol of Great Britain. Soon after the world war 2 they introduced the first double-decker. The first models were AEC Regent II and AEC Regent III. The most iconic, yet today, was the famous Routemaster bus which was first put on road in 1956. Quite a long time ago. The red double decker bus is pictured below. It looks like two buses glues together on top of each other.

Typical Red Double decker

Red Double decker

New Double decker bus

Since the first ride of the double decker Routemaster in 1956 there have been many remakes of this famous vehicle. In the late 2011 a new double decker was introduced, designed specially for London that meets all the modern requirements for a public transportation bus (such as easy accessibility for the disabled etc.). Nevertheless the new Routemaster has maintained the shape and design of an old original, it also has the door in the front and in the back, just like it used to have. Some double deckers have a second deck without the roof, which makes them perfect for viewing the city from the top. The new bus will try to service as good as did the old one.

New Double decker

New Double decker

Welcome, new Routemaster and we hope you will make as many miles as your old buddy did 🙂

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