How to use metro maps

Metro transport

What are the benefits of metro public transport? People tend to use it most often if available. Why? Because metro is really efficient. It can take many passengers from one part of city to another in matter of tens of minutes. For efficient travelling with metro you will need a useful metro map. You can browse our site and find appropriate metro map.

How to use metro maps?

Metro maps usually display the whole network of metro system. In some cases you will find partial metro maps, specially if the system is very large one. On the map you can find the names of all stations and all lines displayed. Lines are usually colored in different colors to make the map more easy to read so one can distinguish different lines without looking at the legend. Metro maps are usually available to download from the web but you can also obtain a hard copy of metro map on every metro station for free.

Are metro maps useful for navigation trough the city on foot?

Usually not because metro maps are only displaying the underground. On some maps you can find the most famous city attractions displayed so a traveller will know on which station to step down from the train. Do not use underground maps to navigate trough the city because this schemes are only conceptive schemes.