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Ljubljana bus map
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Ljubljana’s only public transit system is bus network run by Ljubljanski Potniski promet (LPP). Currently there are more than 200 vehicles operating on more than 25 city lines. Yearly passenger count is 5 million. Some of this buses are designed to help disabled person to board more easily. Most of buses have air conditioning and are very safe in terms of traffic accidents and in terms of security. Ljubljana bus is effective, yet in rush hours its effectiveness is lowered (because of traffic jams on the streets and because buses don’t have dedicated lanes on every street).

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Ljubljana bus map

Below you will find the Ljubljana map of bus network, ready for download to your computer.

Download Ljubljana bus map

Download map: Below are available sizes:
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Ljubljana bus map

Ljubljana bus map

Ljubljana Bus timetable

Below are operating times and frequency of arrivals/departures for Ljubljana buses. Note: “V garazo” means that the bus is on its last ride for the day.

Line Operating time Notes
All lines from 5am – 10:30pm
N1 from 10.30pm – 4.50am N stands for “night” bus
2 and 6 from 2.50am – 0.20 am
N3 from 9.00pm -4.50am
N5 from 9.00pm – 5.00 am N stands for “night” bus
11 from 2.50am – 4.50am N stands for “night” bus
Bus frequency
Lines Frequency notes
All between 3 to 30 minutes lines from 1 to 21
Important lines (1,6,9,11) 2 to 5 minutes in rush hour, 5+ minutes during rest of day

On the link below you can find all lines and bus timetables. Timetables are informational.

Ticket price

Ticket price for single ride or monthly ride.

Ljubljana bus ticket price
Ticket Type of PAYMENT Price in Euro
1. One fare – payment by Urbana Card (trip lenght – 90 min without paying extra money ) 1,2
2. One-way fare – payment by Moneta on Mobile Phones (excl. interchanging buses within 90 min) 1,2
Monthly price on Urbana Card
3. Education 1 17
Education 2 17
Education 3 34
Regular 1 51
Regular 2 34
Regular 3 40
Seniors 60
Citizens with 50 % discount 20
4. Annual transferable price on Urbana Card 17
5. Urbana card price (with no credits on it) 2

This prices are valid for year 2012+.


All payments are done using Urbana card. Urbana card price is 2€.
Places where you can buy Urbana card:

  • Urbanomat (Urbana Card automat) everyday nonstop – you can pay by coins, notes or cards (Activa/Maestro)
  • LPP offices (Location: Slovenska cesta 56, Celovška cesta 160)*
  • On every Bus Station in Ljubljana*
  • In every Newspaper booth and 3DVA Kiosk)*

*Working hours between 8:00 and 20:00.

Paying with urbana card

Urbana card

Additional information

For additional information visit LPP website:
-Many of the buses use a recorded message system to announce upcoming stops or displays the name of next station on the display
-fine for not purchasing a ticket is 40€ and you must leave the bus on next station,
-most of buses have air conditioning,
-some drivers are a bit reckless so hold tightly while riding a bus,
-some seats on the bus are reserved for disabled people and for elder and pregnant women

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