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This post describes London bus map for 2012 and 2013.

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London is famous for many things. One of the most iconic “things” on the planet is also a famous red double decker London bus.
If you will be travelling to London than you will surely see this buses. If you decide to ride one than here are some brief information on London bus network. This article covers information on London centre. It is operated by 2000 vehicles, many of them are low floor buses. The buses run frequently, so you will don’t have to wait long before boarding one of them.

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London bus map

Traveling to London? Below you can download one of the bus maps available. Here are the available resolutions:
Download London bus map: Available sizes:

London bus map

London bus map

Download London bus map big
Download London bus map small
Download London bus map key routes

Bus timetable

Please see the below link for updated Timetables for London bus – arrivals / departures of buses. Just enter the name of the line and you will be provided with the updated timetable.

Ticket price

Ticket prices for single/daily/monthly/yearly rides.

London bus ticket price
Ticket type Cost (GBP) Validity Note
Cash 2,3 One ride One ride
Oyster – pay as you go 1,35 90 min if more than 90 minutes additional charges apply
Daily 4,2 one day
Weekly 18,8 day to day
Monthly 72,2 One month
Yearly 752 1 year

Children under age of 16 travel free on buses.
For more information visit:


You can pay for your rides with an Oyster contact card (monthly rides, season tickets, for residents and for tourists too). You pay the ride by contacting the Oyster card to chip reader on the bus.
You can also buy a Travelcards. A travelcard is a paper tickets available for 1 or 7 days of travel in London, and in various combinations of travel zones.
For additional information and details and comparison between Oyster card and Travel card please see this site:
Children under age of 5 travel for free, but they must be accompanied by and adult that is using Oyster card.

Places where you can buy Oyster card:

  • Oyster online (if you are a resident of UK. The card will be mailed to your home address)
  • London Travel Information Centres
  • Oyster Ticket Stops
  • Stations

Oyster card and Travelcard example:
Oyster contact card
The oyster card
Travel card
Travel card ticket

Additional information

For additional information visit London bus website:
-London double-decker buses with an open roof provide an excellent view of the city
-buses are not the most efficient transport type in London (metro is the best)
-old buses still run in the network (besides new buses).
Example of new and old bus:
New bus
New type of London buses
Old bus

Old type of London buses

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