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This post describes New York subway map – NYC subway map


New York subway map is easy to read and also very easy to navigate by it. Many tourists use NYC subway map that can be found below in download section. New York subway system is the oldest and most extensive subway system in the world. It carries over 5 million passengers daily so you can be sure that NYC subway is a busy and crowded place. Even on weekends it is used by more than 3 million people per day. This includes resident and tourists. It operates 365 days of the year, through the whole day. Read on for more information on prices and timetables.

Typical NYC train

Typical NYC train

This image shows a typical NYC subway station and a typical small train that is most widely used. On the train you can see a mark “E”. This means this train is operating on line E.

NYC subway map

Below you can download one of the NYC subway maps available. You can also click on the image below. This maps are in different resolutions. Find most suitable for you.
Download NYC subway map full size
Download NYC subway map smaller size

NYC subway map

NYC subway map

Above image shows New York subway map with details about subway stations, their names, line names and connection between lines.

Subway timetable

Basically you don’t have to worry about catching a subway train because their frequency is high. Check the table below.

NYC subway timetable and frequency
When Train frequency Notes
Weekdays 5 – 7 minutes per train all lines
Weekdays – rush hour about 2 – 3 minutes per train all lines
Weekdays – after 9pm about 10 minutes per train all lines
Weekdays – 9pm to 1am about 15 minutes per train all lines
Weekdays – 1am to 6:30am about 20 minutes per train all lines
Weekends 5 – 20 minutes per train all lines

For detailed information please follow this link: Subway schedules Just click on the number you want information on. It shows the departure of first train in the morning and the last train in the evening.

Subway ticket price

Ticket and passes prices for single/weekly/monthly subway rides. Fares can be found below.

NYC subway ticket prices / fares
Type of ticket Price / fare Valid Notes
Single ride 2,5 USD For one ride 1 ride
7 days pass – weekly 29 USD 7 Day Unlimited Pass unlimited subway and local bus rides for 7 days
30 days pass – monthly 104 USD 1 month unlimited subway and local bus rides for the whole month
7 days pass – weekly 50 USD 7 days unlimited express bus, local bus, and subway rides for 7 days

More information: NYC subway fares


You can pay for your rides with a metro card or by purchasing a single ticket / weekly / monthly ticket. Fares are in the table above. If you’re using a ticket insert it into turnstile in the subway entrance. It will let you pass. If you’re using metro card place it above the card reader so the door opens for you.

Where to buy ticket / card / pass:

Places where you can buy tickets or purchase weekly and monthly passes:

    • Metrocard vending machines
    • Street merchants – kiosks
    • Subway booth stations

Comparison on which type of ticket to buy. Comparison between Unlimited Ride MetroCard and Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard.

Unlimited Ride MetroCard Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard
The more you ride, the less each ride costs. 7% bonus on purchase of $10 or more
All free transfers included. Free subway-to-bus, bus-to-subway, or bus-to-bus transfer within 2 hours of paying your fare. (Some exceptions apply)
No refills. Get a new card every time you buy one. Refill as often as you like, until card expires.
Can only be used by one person at a time. Can be used to pay for up to 4 people at a time.
Cannot be used again at the same station or same bus route for 18 minutes.

Number of rides / best option:

Number of rides Best type of payment
Occasional $10 Pay-Per-Ride ($10.70 value with 7% bonus)
14 to 20 rides per week 7-Day Unlimited
50 to 60 rides per month 30-Day Unlimited

Journey time

Approximate journey time for NYC subway:

Lines Travel time peak period Travel time non peak period
Important lines 2 to 3 minute + 30 seconds boarding time 2 to 3 minutes + 30 seconds boarding time
Other lines up to 8 minutes per station up to 6 minutes per station

So to travel between 4 stations you can calculate your journey time like this:
1 minute per travel, 30 seconds boarding time = equals 5 minutes travel time. Note that this is just an informative value.

Additional information

For additional information visit NYC subway official page:
-NYC subway is a safe place
-subway is the most efficient means of public transportation in the city
-some stations are really old, some are new.
-Always make sure to follow overhead signs and indicators for directions to get to the station platform for the line you want.
-Make sure you always board subway train and not the express train. The difference between the two is that express subway train will skip some stations in order to travel faster.
-The subway system in New York City is the busiest in the USA. Tthere are 468 stations, the most of any subway system in the world.
– most congested subway stations are: The Times Square, Wall Street, the United Nations headquarters, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the Empire State Building.

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