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How to use Paris metro
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This post is about Paris metro map. You can view and download Paris metro map in jpeg, png and pdf format.


Paris has a well developed metro system that features 16 major lines, 200 kilometres of track and 368 stations, which cover all the city center and beyond (metropolitan area, airports…). The center of Paris is in Zone 1. There are 6 zones total. Traveling inside any zone requires buying only 1 ticket – no extra fees. For more information on ticket prices see below the price list. Subway is a safe and quite tidy place. Metro is by far the most used type of public transport in Paris. Stations / platforms are very well marked so it is very difficult to get lost “down there”. But if you manage to do, please see our >how to use Paris metro guide< with photos to help you find your way out again. Trains are frequent – usually there are two trains arriving at the station within 5 minutes.

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Paris metro map

Map is showing area 1 of metro zone map.

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Download Paris metro map
Download Paris metro map pdf
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Paris metro map

Paris metro map

Metro timetable

Please see the below link for updated Timetables for Paris metro.
Paris metro timetable
The Metro runs from 05.30 in the morning to 00.40 in the evening Sunday thru Thursday and 05.30 in the morning to 01.40 in the evening on Fridays, Saturdays and on days before a holiday. Trains are frequent – 2 minutes between each train during rush period (in the morning and after work) to up to 10 minutes between each train on non-busy time of day.

Just enter the station name where you will be boarding the metro and the station name of your exit and the system will show you the timetable. But usually (during the day) you don’t have to bother yourself with timetable, because the trains are very frequent and you will be able to board the trains every few minutes.

Ticket price

Ticket prices for single ride or monthly ride. Paris metro ticket price chart below.

Paris metro ticket prices
Ticket type Price Valid
One time ticket 1,70 € For one ride (including switching trains)
Pack of 10 tickets 12,50 € Each ticket is valid for one ride (including swithcing trains)
Daily (for zone 1 and 2) 6,30 € For whole day (unlimited rides inside zone 1 and 2)
Daily (for zone 1, 2 and 3) 8,40 € For whole day (unlimited rides inside zone 1, 2 and 3)
Daily (reduced price – students under age of 26) 3,50 € For whole day (unlimited rides inside zone 1, 2 and 3)

Children under age of 3 can travel free.


You can pay with valid ticket or by contact card (monthly rides, for residents). Insert the ticket into the machine and the door will open for you.
Please note that one ticket is valid for 90 minutes.
Places where you can buy tickets:

  • On every subway station – on the dedicated machine

Paris metro ticket

Paris metro ticket

Additional information

For additional information visit RATP website website:
-On some trains you will have to manually open the door.
-don’t throw away the ticket after you validate it. In case of inspection you will pay a fine if you are caught without a validated ticket.
-Be advised that automatic ticket machines in the Paris Metro stations only accept debit cards or coins (10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, 1 euro and 2 euro).
-Busy stations can be really crowded
-Some lines are fully automated (no conductor in trains)
-it takes approximately 90 to 120 seconds to travel from one station to another (including boarding time)
-metro is faster for travelling shorter distances, for longer distances RER is a better choice
-You are never more than 500 meters from a Metro station in Paris
-Paris subway is a safe place, so don’t worry

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