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This post describes Seoul subway map. Seoul metro map is the largest in the country.


Seoul subway system (Seoul metro system) is relatively new as it began to operate in 1974. It is an important Korea subway system. It is growing fast and is one of most crowded metro systems in the world. It offers a ride to more than 8 million person per day (together with commuter rail system). The underground has sixteen lines (marked with different colours – red, green, blue…) and 328 stations. It connects different parts of the city together and it extends over the city borders to metropolitan area.

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Seoul subway map

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Seoul subway map is in english language.

Seoul subway map

Seoul subway map


Seoul subway timetable

Seoul subway timetable
Line Operating time Frequency Notes
line 1 – 16 5:30 in the morning to 24:00 (midnight) two to six minutes per train it takes approx. 2-3 minutes to travel from station to station
line 1 – 16 5:30 in the morning to 24:00 (midnight) two minutes during rush hours

When you enter the station you can check timetable on the traffic signs. They will show you approx. arrival time of the next train.
If you are planning your journey you can use this values: 3 minutes per train arrival, 3 minutes travelling time (from station to station) and approx. 60 seconds of boarding time. So to travel 5 stations it would take you about 20 minutes.

Ticket price

Ticket prices list is below. You can find prices for 1 day pass, 3 day pass, 5 day pass etc.
Ticket prices for tourists:
You have 3 options. Regular ticket is a one time ticket that you can buy on every vending machine. You can insert notes and coins. Vending machine takes 1000, 5000, 10000 notes and 50, 100, 500 coins. Prepay as much money as you will need. See below for prices. The best option for tourists is to buy a regular ticket – Transportation Card at ticket machine located in every subway station. You can also buy a rechargeable T-money card. The most suitable option for tourist is M-pass, which is used for multiple travels during a specific time period like 1 day, 2 days, 3 days etc.

Ticket price list – M-pass card
Period (days) Ticket price (won)
1 10000
2 18000
3 25500
5 42500
7 59500

-most suitable for tourists
-1000 Korean won is about 0,6 to 0,7 EUR

Ticket price list – Transportation card
Basic fare for 10km Age Age Age
Multiple Journey Transportation card T-Money 19 years or older between age of 13 and 18 between age of 6 and 12
Multiple Journey Transportation card T-Money 1050 won 900 won 450 won
Single Journey transportation card 1150 won 1000 won 500 won

– Minimum travel card deposit is 1150 won. If you choose to travel only one way than 500 won will be refunded to you upon exit of station on refund-machine.
– Children under age of 6 travel free
– note that one travel ticket fee is not limited by time but by distance. See the chart below:

Prices for ticket depending on distance travelled:

Ticket price list – per distance
Total distance Price Additional fee
less than 10 km (no matter how many stops) 1000 won no additional fees
15 kilometres 1100 won 100 won
20 kilometres 1200 won 200 won
every additional 5 kilometres additional 100 won additional 100 won


You can pay with valid ticket. Insert the ticket into the machine and the door will open for you. If you have a T-money magnetic card make sure to place near card reader.
Places where you can buy tickets, T-money cards and M-pass for tourists:

  • On every subway station – on the dedicated machines

The image shows typical ticket vending machine.

Seoul subway ticket machine

Seoul subway ticket machine

How to buy Transportation ticket:

How to buy Seoul subway ticket

How to buy transportation ticket



  • 1. Select your language (english is available)
  • 2. Select Single Journey Ticket
  • 3. Select traveling destination – you might have to use search
  • 4. Select the number of tickets
  • 5. Once you choose the number of ticket as in step 4 the calculated ticket price will show up
  • 6. Insert money to pay for tickets. Device takes notes and coins.
  • 7. You journey ticket will print out
  • 8. Take the printed ticket
  • 9. Head to security gate and place the ticket on the security gate card reader. When green light blinks and the beep sound you can pass through the gate and make your way to the platform for boarding. When you reach your destination, place your ticket once again on the card reader and the door will open.


How to buy or refill T-pass ticket for subway:

How to buy T-pass ticket

How to buy T-pass ticket

1. Select your languge (english available)
2. Select T-money Card option
3. Place your card on the machine pad
4. Select the amount of money you wish to pay or recharge
5. Pay the total recharge amount. The Device takes notes and coins
6. The device will recharge your card.


Additional information

For additional information visit Seoul subway website:
Or see more information on this link:
-if you travel to Seoul try to avoid travelling during rush hours
-it takes approximately 120 to 180 seconds to travel between stations (including boarding time)
-Seoul subway is a safe place.

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